What makes Selecta wooden toys different:

In order to enable little ones to grow, it is important to encourage them in a way that is age-appropriate without overstraining them. That is why Selecta has been developing high-quality, lovingly hand-made wooden toys for over 50 years. The pedagogical designs are produced from wood from sustainably managed forests. They pose absolutely no health risks and are durable, TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association safety and pollutant test) certified, and completely manufactured in Germany. Natural – right from the start.


Wood from sustainable forestry management, made in Germany


Water-based, environmentally friendly colours


Certified safety to the highest standards

Advice, tips for babies and small children

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Small Kids World

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First Games

Selecta First Games

bellybutton – exclusive to Selecta

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Delightful & Useful

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You are welcome to interactively test out two of our games here:

Puzzle Zoo


Memo Colourful

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“Encourage but don’t overstrain”

This is the motto for our wooden toys, which stimulate children’s imagination, support them in their development, and in the process provide so much fun. Playing means learning, seeing, understanding, experiencing. From playful teaching of motor skills to conveying educational content, Selecta toys are perfect for supporting children throughout their experiences.

Made in Germany – sustainable and durable

Almost 100 % of all Selecta® toys are made in Germany. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, we only use wood from certified forestry sources which is predominantly sourced from German forests. Wood is a sturdy, durable material which combines a special feel with comfortable warmth. The best material for children right from the start.

Multi-coloured safety – a reassuring feeling

We only use environmentally friendly adhesives and water-based colours which comply with the European safety requirements for toys (EN 71). They are absolutely harmless and do not pose any health risks to children.

Thoroughly tested

Our sturdy Selecta wooden toys most definitely stand up to the demands posed by children and can be put in the mouth without any cause for concern. TÜV monitors all production processes and tests our baby toys for mechanical and chemical safety to the highest standards.