All Selecta wooden toy products at a glance:

Baby’s World:

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  • Grasp & Feel
  • Roll & Crawl
  • See & Perceive
wooden roller grabbing toy beetle squeak
wooden roller grabbing toy mouse horn
wooden squeaky ball grabbing toy set baby
wooden roller toy rattling sounds rollmi
wooden baby wobble top frog
wooden squeaky ball baby with sound
wooden baby wobble top bee
wooden baby trapeze toy
wooden mini trapeze mirror rattles bells
wooden roller toy visual spiral effect rolldi
wooden grabbing toy rattle crocodile
wooden grabbing toy abacus
wooden baby wobble top chicken

Small Kids World:

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  • Stick & Stack
wooden snack time cutting toy children
wooden winding fun stacking game toothed wheel
wooden doctors carrying case children doctors bag
wooden stacking game cat karlo
wooden tile based game 80 tiles varialand
wooden sorting roller baby shape game
wooden picture chain baby picture tiles
wooden stacking game beetle kalle
wooden tile based game picture snake
wooden picture cube zoo animal
wooden wobbly rocks baby stacking
wooden sorting box baby shape game
wooden stacking game balls king bear
wooden xylophone baby children musico
wooden balancing game eight
wooden stacking game frog pepito
wooden shape puzzle baby farm
wooden stacking game dwarves
wooden tile based game street baby
wooden sorting board shape game
wooden picture book farm tractor donkey
wooden picture cube baby animal zoo children
wooden punch game balls bells
wooden punch game balls hammer
wooden puzzle baby farm
wooden fruit cutting toy children
wooden balancing game children seesaw
shape puzzle baby zoo
wooden play kitchen children burger
wooden picture cube farm

First Games:

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wooden hunt game dice dwarves
wooden dexterity game
wooden memo game children animals
wooden memo game children
wooden picture memo game numbers
wooden board game with dice
stacking game motor skills
wooden picture memo game 3d
wooden picture memo game zoo animals
wooden maze game dogs
wooden learning game back painting
wooden balance game dexterity
wooden dice game learning car colours
wooden picture lotto game children
wooden memo game animals pepito


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  • Bellybutton
wooden mini trapeze grey bellybutton
wooden mini trapeze pink bellybutton
wooden mini trapeze blue bellybutton


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wooden measuring chart Zoorino
childrens coat rack wooden Movella