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Welcome to Selecta’s wooden baby toy selection

In the first year of their life, your baby will experience a great deal of development. Their birth weight doubles after three to five months, they grow around 15 cm and get their first teeth. All of their senses are developing practically every week. The eye muscles are trained and they learn to differentiate and associate sounds. The senses of both smell and taste are refined and the sense of touch is exercised by trial and error.

At Selecta, we have designed special wooden baby toys for every phase and every sense to enable you to provide the ideal support for your baby’s development.

In Company under way you can find our exciting pram chains, pacifier chains and mini trapezes.

In the See & Perceive section there is a robust baby trapeze for lots of variety.

Under Grasp and Feel you can find a whole range of rattles, grabbing toys, collapsing cubes and loads more.

Our wooden toys under Roll & Crawl on the other hand, support your baby’s first attempts at crawling and walking.

In our Advice section you can learn many interesting facts about a baby’s stages of development as they grow from infant to small child.