bellybutton – Made by Selecta®

bellybutton wooden toy 2

The love of detail

The love of detail is the distinguishing factor of both Selecta® Toys and the specialist for children’s clothes, bellybutton.

  • The ideal combination for outstanding toys, which bring joy to babies and mums
  • Selecta’s experience in the development of safe toys made from high quality materials meets, in this special collection, the enchanting design of bellybutton
  • Made by Selecta® – designed by bellybutton

Perfect combination: delicate colours and robust craftsmanship

Babies love the design of bellybutton by Selecta®. Accordingly, it is often put into their hands and mouth.

Thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship, our toys can be trusted with every playful instinct.

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Selecta wooden toys:
Natural – right from the start.

Made from natural wood

Water-based, environmentally friendly colours

Tested for safety by independent testing institutes