How to find toys which are really safe for your baby

Babies explore their environment with all their senses and using their entire body. Toys are no exception, which could pose some hazards. But how do I know that a toy is totally safe for my baby? We give you eight tips that you should keep in mind when buying toys.

Tip 1: observe the recommended age

Good toys are developed in consultation with educators and developmental psychologists. Age-appropriate stimuli facilitates development without over-stressing the child. Ideally, you should therefore take the age recommendation into account. You can generally find this on the toy’s packaging. If you are not sure, ask in a specialist toy shop for a recommendation.

Tip 2: avoid small, loose parts

Small parts which might break off can be particularly dangerous for babies. They can, unfortunately, be swallowed and get stuck in the airway. You should always take the appropriate warnings on packaging seriously.

Tip 3: only rounded edges and corners

A baby can very easily get cut or stabbed by a sharp edge or corner, and it can happen very quickly. In order to prevent this, you should always take care to buy toys with rounded sides.

Tip 4: natural, non-toxic paint

Since babies explore the characteristics of their toys with their mouths, it is very important to ensure that paints are non-toxic. Therefore, Selecta only uses water-soluble, natural paints—with no coatings or chemical varnishes.

Tip 5: neutral, pleasant smell

Whenever possible you should check out the smell of a toy. It should not smell strong, unpleasant or of chemicals, rather it should be neutral and pleasant.

Tip 6: no loud noises, please

Babies suffer very quickly from sensory overload. So before you buy a toy, try it out to see what sort of sounds it makes and how loud these are. Sounds that are too loud and too shrill may cause damage to the hearing.

Tip 7: German regulations guarantee safety

Germany has strict regulations for toy safety which are unique worldwide. Make sure that the toy has been checked by independent testing institutes.

Tip 8: favour wooden toys

Wood is certainly the most natural material for beautiful toys. Selecta’s hand-made wooden toys are developed in Germany and are tailored to the requirements of children in the age group 0 to 4 years. Cheerful water-based colours and robust, high-quality workmanship guarantee many years of fun.

wooden toy playroom

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