Milestones: babies at the age of 6 to 8 weeks

Your offspring came into the world over a month ago. Slowly but surely, they have been getting acclimatised to their environment, just as the family has been getting used to its new member. During the first two months of life, babies also learn a lot that their parents might not notice. Here are the most significant milestones.

Body movements

Although your baby’s head must be supported as before when they are being carried, by this point they can lift their own head when they are lying on their front. Some children can already lift their heads at an angle of up to 45 degrees.

Their tiny arms and legs often move fast, but they are still uncoordinated. Your baby might also be trying to grab things already, although as yet probably unsuccessfully. In the process they are becoming more and more familiar with their fingers, and playing with them.

Communication with your baby

Your child responds to sounds more and more frequently with smiles or other non-verbal reactions. A few babies also make noises of their own when they are spoken to. Babies are now really good at maintaining eye contact. Yours might even exchange an intense look with you; this strengthens the emotional bond between parent and child.

Your baby’s vision

Your baby is still incapable of identifying things in the far distance. But they are enthralled by small toys and stuffed animals in their immediate vicinity; these should ideally have strongly contrasting colours. Objects with complex shapes, too, arouse your baby’s interest. They are also starting to follow movements and sources of light with their eyes.

Colourful baby gyms in particular catch your child’s attention because they move around fluidly and make gentle noises as they do so.

wooden baby trapeze toy 4

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