Milestones: babies at the age of 16 to 18 weeks

Your baby is getting bigger and bigger, and at the same time their curiosity to test out their own abilities is also growing. Their individual senses are constantly developing, enabling your child to explore their world more effectively each day. Here are the most significant milestones in their development.

Body movements

Your baby has already explored their own body extensively over the past four months. Up to now, they have most enjoyed playing with their own hands and feet. They have continued to perfect their ability to grab objects reflexively and, using their feet, to push themselves around with some force.

Most infants can roll over on their own, which for them is a vital step towards mobility.

Development of your baby’s senses

Although it was difficult for your newborn baby to differentiate between colours, this is no longer a problem. Their sense of sight is becoming increasingly sharp. Your baby can focus almost perfectly on specific objects. Whereas before your child’s eyes were mostly able to make out primary colours only, now shades of colour can also be recognised. Your child can follow moving objects ever more confidently with their eyes.

Communication with your baby

Your child’s sense of hearing is developing too; you can tell by the fact that they are getting better and better at responding to soft sounds and voices. And if your child hears a noise, they know which way they need to turn their head to see the source of the sound. Toys that make sounds, such as small bells, horns and rattles, are therefore becoming more and more interesting to them.

Der liebste Ton ist für das Kind jedoch weiterhin Ihre Stimme: Sprechen Sie so oft wie möglich mit Ihrem Baby oder singen Sie ihm etwas vor. Es erkennt immer besser Ihre Sprachmelodie und ob Sie freundlich oder streng klingen. Entsprechend wird es fröhlich mit Lala-Monologen antworten, wenn Sie liebevoll mit ihm reden.

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